Try Your Hand with a Poker Room Cash Game

When it comes to a poker room cash game, it seems like all of the real action is going on in tournaments. The truth is, though, that the strategies you use in a tournament and the ones you'll use in a traditional ring game are much, much different.

In a tournament setting, the goal is to get your opponents to make a huge mistake that either gets them knocked out of the running or decreases their chip stacks to the point that they have no hope of really making a comeback. You get some help along the way because the blinds continue to increase, putting even more pressure on those who have the shortest stacks.

When you stick to a traditional ring game, then, the blinds are fixed (unless, of course, you choose to move to a different table) and you don't have that added pressure. What you will want to do is use this to your advantage in any way you can. Playing online can be a huge help here, too, since you can choose the limits that best suit your individual budget. If you don't have much to spend, you might be able to play at a table where the blinds are $0.50/$1 and still feel satisfied.

One of the best strategies for a poker room cash game in which the blinds are fixed is to choose a table at which you will be able to play a good couple of dozen hands without going broke. This way, you don't feel embarrassed if you have to stand up in just a few hands and you put a bit of pressure on your competitors. Many people believe that it is best to be aggressive in these situations since others are not as cautious as they would be in tournament settings. The best thing about non-tourney action is that you can stand up and walk away while you are ahead without forfeiting a buy-in.