A rakeback helps you cover your losses. Here's why

You have to have an understanding of the means by which poker rooms earn revenues so you can understand the concept of rakeback. In both cash games and tournaments, establishments take a cut from the buy-in charge. Usually, they have a 5% cut from the revenue in each pot during cash games. This is called the rake and most players fail to notice it. The truth is, these establishments earn big money from their cuts. In the long run, these small percentages provide big revenues for them. Aside from their cuts, they also make money on the tables.

Rakeback is a relatively new concept in online poker. It was only brought in some years back. Lately, it has become an exciting marketing strategy for third party vendors who recruit and refer players to card rooms. Once you sign up for this deal in a particular site, you are entitled to get a percentage from the rake earned by that site. That's why it is called a rakeback. On average, it is around 30%. Although this may only be a small amount, if you play for long periods of time, it will accumulate into a big amount. Several professional players earn $50,000 anually from the deal on top of their regular winnings. It is not necessary for you to play regularly so you can claim this money. It was noted that low-limit players with an average bankroll of $100 could earn $1000 every year from this scheme. Now that online poker is illegal in the US, many wonder if this program will ever return when the game gets legislated since this deal isn't as common as it used to be in Europe. Newer rooms have this promo but others are back to offering the basic bonus. The intriguing part is the secrecy surrounding this scheme. Long-time players know that this deal isn't published by any site if they do offer it so those in the know directly register to avail it.