Status of New Jersey Poker

Playing poker in New Jersey is still illegal in the place before its legalization during February 2013. With the bill passed concerning the legalities of the play in new Jersey, casino operators were allowed to launch online gambling sites that involves New Jersey poker and other casino games. It is also interesting to stress that some states in America are working hand in hand to legalize wagering in some states. For example, New Jersey poker sites are working hand in hand with Delaware and Nevada to create a network and gaming community that is interstate. As of now, there are no ruling with this case, but these states are doing their best to create that vision.

The history of New Jersey poker can be traced at Atlantic City during 1977 wherein the casino-style of gaming was approved. The boardwalk and some streets around the place became casino homes and sites. Also, in that year a bill names "New Jersey Casino Control Act" was passed to check on the gambling establishments of the state. By the year 2013, the governor of the state, Chris Christine, approved the legalization of wagering, making online gambling and poker legal in New Jersey. In this case, New Jersey is the third state that legalized online casino games.

Playing a gamble in New Jersey was attempted to be regulated during November 2010, but the bill failed to be pursued. If the bill is passed, this will be the first interstate internet gambling available in the USA. In 2013, with the overwhelming support from the Senate and State Assembly, online gambling is legalized for everyone who is within the borders of the state. The bill do not includes sports betting, but it is interesting that it passed the land-based Atlantic City casinos to have partnerships with New Jersey casinos and other games that operate online.

Today, with the current status of the game in New Jersey, the state becomes one of the primary casino destination in America, second after Las Vegas. Be thrill and enchanted with the flashy and blinking lights that captivates both the eyes and wallets of players. In a year, the casino industry in New Jersey can get tax as high as $275, making it help citizens who are in great need. Atlantic City of New Jersey also became a host for numerous casino tournaments such as World Series of Poker Circuit.