Here are some variants of jacks or better you can enjoy

Jacks or better, otherwise known as draw poker, is perhaps the most popular video poker variant. Payoffs start with a pair of jacks. It has a full pay and is also called 9/6 jacks or better because the full house payoff is 9 times more than the original bet while the flush has a payout of 6 times.

Bally's All American

This is a game based from jacks or better but has more payouts for flushes, straight flushes and straights. Two pairs and a full house, however, have lower payouts. The full pay variant is among the video poker versions that give the highest payout. Unfortunately, strategizing is quite complicated and only a few are able to master it.

Joker's Wild

As the title implies, this variant gets a joker as an addition to the deck. The joker is totally a wild card and can substitute any card to form a stronger hand. Including the joker adds one more winning hand. This variant has been inspired by a its namesake game show.

Tens or Better

This is a variant of the 6/5 jacks game. You will be paid if you have at least two tens, instead of a jack. The strategy is similar to 6/5 version but they have different payouts for the flush and full house.

Deuces Wild

In this variation, all the twos can take the place of other cards so a player can form a stronger hand. Here, a 4-of-a-kind payout is about one-third of the game's payback percentage. The 4-of-a-kind happens every 15 hands on average. This game has pay schedules offering a theoretical payout of as much as 100.8% if the perfect strategy is used. The full-pay version for Deuces Wild is only available in Nevada.

Double Bonus

Four aces equal to an incentive payout in this variant. It offers a theoretical payout of 100.2% when played using the perfect strategy. Even though this is a positive return, only very few gamers play good enough since this is a very complicated game.

Bonus Poker

This is also a spinoff but it gives a higher payout if a player has a four-of-a-kind. A full-pay variant of bonus poker has a return of 99.2%. It features numerous versions with multiple incentive payouts that are ranked based in the four-of-a-kind.